At the end of the road

Kalsoum Khan

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“How long do we go?
How long have we left?”
Little Terrapin mumbled,
Already out of breath.
“Patience little Trump!
Not too long now,
We are just going down
To the end of the road,
To meet my old pal,
The famous Mr Toad.”
Little T groaned,
He gritted his teeth,
Arms crossed, huff-puff,
“I’m bored!” he moaned.
“Are we meeting Mr Toad!?
I can’t stand him!
His kisses are gross,
Put the window down, I’m sick already.”
He tossed and he turned
And he wiggled his hip.
“Oh dear! oh bother!
Don’t make me lose it
When we are driving,
You shouldn’t do this!
Now will you sit still
Calm down and chill!”
Little Terrapin wiggled
And he wiggled and jiggled…
Out of his seat belt he flopped.
He did a roly-poly
And a crazy hand stand,
Had his Dad's heart jumping,
He was about to go mad,
He was at the end of his tether
He wanted to yell,
But he carried on driving
Utterly miserable.
Trump looked at Dad,
with a troubled stare
but his Dad looked ahead,
like he just didn’t care
as he sat on edge,
Poor Big T was helpless;
What could he do?
Then he spotted Mr Hare…
“That’s it!” cried Dad,
“Put your seat belt on again!
sit down, brace yourself,
we are going on a race!
Now, won’t that put a smile
on my son’s little face!?”
He pressed the horn, “BEEP BEEP” it went,
Hare looked at T and bobbed his head.
“So, it’s a race!?” cried Hare.
“Let’s settle the score,
This time you’re driving
and I am not,
but no problemo!
I don’t need a machine
To run fast with a blast!”
Little T’s eyes lit up
And he squealed in excitement,
With his hands in the air
He piped, “Drive your fastest!”
But Big T was scared…
He revved up his car
Put his foot on the pedal,
And he sped and he vroomed
Like he was winning a medal.
Soon they were so far ahead
That he felt like a rebel.
“We are far ahead now
Can we stop for a snack?
I’m feeling so hungry,
It’s a hunger attack!
DAD I must have a snack,
A snack I must have!”
Big T felt so angry,
His teeth he was gritting
With his hands on hip,
A smack was more fitting.
But the car he stopped,
And he charged into a shop,
Grabbing a snack,
He stood in the queue,
And marvelled at the speed
At which Hare flew.
Soon they set off
And steady they were,
Little T booed and shooed at Mr Hare
Teasing and taunting
With his tongue stuck out,
“We will beat you!
Without a doubt!”
But Hare stormed ahead
With his gaze on the road,
determined he was
to reach the end goal.
This time he was focussed,
No stopping for him,
As he well remembered
When he too stopped on a whim.
As the Terrapins drove
The green light turned amber.
Big T had to brake
And stop at the red,
Which obviously meant
Hare was now well ahead.
Little T’s smile went upside down.
He felt foolish and he fumed and he frowned.
“This isn’t fair!” he protested.
“We better not lose, I hate this car, I really do!
Its rubbish, its slow, it’s no use!”
Red turned to amber
And slowly to green.
Finally, Big T took off at a terrible speed
And now they zoomed
And reached almost to the end.
It was time to park up,
But Big T was still worried.
As T pulled up
To parallel park,
Desperately trying to position his car,
To align it perfectly in between the two,
(This was always the trickiest part.)
So Big T called:
“Little Trump get out!
Come out and help me
And give me a shout,
Should I go back?
Or should I go forward?
Or pull up some more
Or is there room?
Should I reverse?
Tell me if it’s too close -
I don’t want to crash,
Or we’ll be in trouble
For being too rash.”
But as the back and forth went on and on
Hare had reached the end and won.
He jumped and punched his fist in the air,
“Yippee I won! You can’t beat Hare!”
Old Mr Toad was at the end of the road,
As he bounced and saw his poor friends lose.
"Never mind little Trump, it happens," he croaked,
“Next time we’ll race and I’ll win,” he joked.
He swooped little T up in his arms
And smacked him with a big fat kiss,
“Yuck!” groaned T, “I'm feeling choked
But I will race you, and I bet I'll win!”
Sometimes being faster does not mean a thing.
Most certainly don’t race with a behaviour so rotten
And once you begin, there mustn’t be any stopping!