Portraiture - Mixed Ability

Course information sheet

Fees: Standard £ 129 Conc £68 Full £467 * Enrol online for standard fee payers only

Day Time Weeks Centre Start End Code Enroll
Friday 13:45 - 16:45 11 MAC 01/05/2020 17/07/2020 AA3250

What will the course cover?

In this course you will develop the ability to portray the human form using drawing and water based painting techniques and explore how a variety of media can be used expressively to create a series of at least 5 finished artworks. Display and storage will be covered.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who would like to explore drawing and painting with the human likeness as the subject.

What skills, knowledge or experience do I need to start this course?

None, this is a beginner’s course, however you can join whatever your level and improve your skills.

What should I be able to do by the end of the course?

During this course, you will: Make drawings that show an understanding of the scale and proportion of the human form. Identify and use basic drawing techniques and materials. Identify and use basic wet and/or dry mediums. Identify and use basic art mediums. Explore and use appropriate principles of design. Use preliminary sketches to develop ideas for final pieces of work. Adopt professional standards and practice through work with a life model.

How is the course organised?

Practical sessions. Students will be invited to further investigate the subject through exercises in drawing and painting. Information on materials and mediums as well as how to present work for display will also be included.

What extra study or practice is expected outside of the class?

Visits to art galleries and sketchbook work to support your own learning.

How will my progress be assessed?

One to one and group support and through the use of you Individual Learning Plan.

What can I expect to go on to after this course?

Continue to develop your skills by attending further life drawing or other painting or drawing classes. You could also use your work to develop a portfolio for application to FE or HE.

Are there any other costs and what do I need to bring?

Some drawing materials are supplied. Tutor will advise on what to bring. Paper is available in class.

What support is available?

Help with literacy or numeracy is available through the basic education programme and the ESOL programme offers help for speakers of other languages. Additional support can be provided for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Details of all available support can be found on our website (hfals.co.uk), in the Guide and the Student handbook, or from teaching or Reception staff.