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Course information sheet

Fees: Standard £ 119 Conc £45 Full £212 * Enrol online for standard fee payers only

Day Time Weeks Centre Start End Code Enroll
Monday 18:15 - 19:45 11 MAC 17/09/2018 03/12/2018 PD1200

What will the course cover?

The teaching of classical ballet technique from scratch. Gentle exercise such as strengthening and stretching Ballet technique, such as: correct posture, footwork, use of turnout, placing and correct shape of the arms. Focus would be placed on gaining strength, control, flexibility and core stability essential for ballet technique. Basic ballet steps such as: demi-plié, battements tendu, battements glissé, rond de jambe, battements fondu, and ports de bras. The positions of the legs and arms Basic ballet terminology.

Who is the course for?

People who want to do ballet for the first time and have no, or very little, experience. Absolute beginner’s level.

What skills, knowledge or experience do I need to start this course?

This course is for complete beginners.

What should I be able to do by the end of the course?

(The following might take more than one term to achieve fully, but after one term you will at least be able to understand what is required) Demonstrate correct use of posture & alignment, including turnout of the legs. Demonstrate 5 positions of the feet, 6 positions of the arms. Demonstrate correct technique for movement of the arms and footwork. Demonstrate a range of techniques at the barre including demi-plié, battement tendu, battement glissé, ronde de jambe, developpé, battement fondu. Demonstrate a range of movements in the centre, including adage, petit allegro and grand allegro.

How is the course organised?

Weekly one and a half hour practical dance sessions which include learning ballet exercises at the barre (a section of class in which the dancers perform exercises with one/two hand(s) holding onto a horizontal bar), and dancing in the centre (dancing without holding onto the barre). In addition time will be spent on strengthening and stretching exercises to help build strength, core stability, increase mobility and flexibility, and will lead to a greater understanding of ballet technique.

What extra study or practice is expected outside of the class?

If it’s not possible to physically practice the movements, you should at least try to remember the sequences of steps and principles of ballet technique that we cover in the lesson.

How will my progress be assessed?

Tutor observation and feedback. Self observation through use of mirrors, peer–to-peer feedback. Written progress reports on Individual Learning Plans and Learning Journals.

What can I expect to go on to after this course?

Once you are confident with the techniques you will progress to Ballet Level 1. Depending on progress and previous experience learners spend between 1 and 3 terms in Beginners’ ballet before moving to the Level 1 class.

Are there any other costs and what do I need to bring?

Appropriate non-restrictive clothing should be worn for class e.g. leotard, vest top or t-shirt. Leggings, tights or dance/sports trousers or shorts. Footwear – soft ballet shoes with elastic or ribbons. Can be leather, canvas or satin, and any colour. Jazz shoes are acceptable if you don’t have ballet shoes (not jazz boots or jazz trainers though). If you don’t have shoes for the beginning of the course then you should wear socks instead. No jewellery to be worn in class. Long hair should be tied back. You should bring water with you, and a pen for taking notes if you wish.

What support is available?

Help with literacy or numeracy is available through the basic education programme and the ESOL programme offers help for speakers of other languages. Additional support can be provided for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Details are available in the Guide or from teaching or Reception staff.