Seeing Masterpieces With Fresh Eyes

Course information sheet

Fees: Standard £ 63 Conc £24 Full £123 * Enrol online for standard fee payers only

Day Time Weeks Centre Start End Code Enroll
Wednesday 10:00 - 12:00 5 MAC 26/02/2020 25/03/2020 HA250

What will the course cover?

How many times have you seen Hokusai’s The Great Wave, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or emblazoned on tea towels, chocolate boxes and every commercial product you can think of? Our eyes become complacent when seeing the same thing. What is a masterpiece anyway? Discover that when you look with fresh eyes, with your own responses and insights as opposed to being told what to think about “masterpieces” you can decide whether it is all “hype” or whether there really is something secret and mysterious after all hidden within the art.

Who is the course for?

Anyone with an interest in art, perceptions and looking beneath the surface of things beyond what you are told to think or be.

What skills, knowledge or experience do I need to start this course?

None, just an open and intriguing mind.

What should I be able to do by the end of the course?

Participants should be able to know one work of art they can identify that sparks their curiosity.

How is the course organised?

This is a five-week course which will unlock secrets of masterpieces from across the world.

What extra study or practice is expected outside of the class?

Optional to keep a journal of thoughts and reflections and finding a work of art that is meaningful to you.

How will my progress be assessed?

Each week there will be a recap on the previous week and any issues or questions will be shared either with the group or with tutor.

What can I expect to go on to after this course?

You may want to do longer courses in art history, mythology, writing or history.

Are there any other costs and what do I need to bring?

There are no other costs.

What support is available?

Support is available from the tutor via email.