(DPI) Diploma In Police Interpreting Preparation Course

Accredited course - interview required.

Course information sheet

Fees: Standard £ 450 Conc £1300 Full £1300

Day Time Weeks Centre Start End Code Enroll
Monday 13:00 - 17:00 12 MAC 02/09/2019 18/11/2019 LY1050
Monday 13:00 - 17:00 14 MAC 20/01/2020 01/06/2020 LY2050

What will the course cover?

Synopsis of Court System in England and Wales - Criminal law – Police Procedures Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting Sight Translation Written Translation Statement Taking

Who is the course for?

Those who wish to prepare for the Metropolitan Police Interpreting Test Those who wish to qualify as Professional Interpreters and be included in the National Register of Public Service Interpreters.

What skills, knowledge or experience do I need to start this course?

Excellent command of English and another language, both in verbal and written forms. Interpreting experience not essential No previous qualifications required.

What should I be able to do by the end of the course?

Understand legal and police terms and provide its equivalent in the other language. • Interpret consecutively during a role play • Take notes from a suspect giving a statement to the Police and subsequently write the Statement in the other language • Interpreting simultaneously a passage read in English into the other language • Provide a sight translation of two passages from English into the other language • Carry out a technical translation of a police-related matter from English into the other language

How is the course organised?

A typical lesson will include a topic of English law (criminal), work on creating a bilingual glossary, followed by interpreting/translation practice. There is one visit to Magistrates court included in the course

What extra study or practice is expected outside of the class?

Average 3 hours extra study per week outside the class, including written translations, further reading, further work on glossaries and interpreting practice. Learner is expected to carry out independent research and reading to ensure his/her standard of the other language is adequate for the level required.

How will my progress be assessed?

Interpreting skills will be assessed by tutor in class, providing on-going formative assessment. One technical translation will be marked by an external qualified translator. Apart from the feedback of the external marker, no feedback will be given on the learner’s command of the other language.

What can I expect to go on to after this course?

You can sit the exam (by registering and paying directly to the Chartered Institute of Linguist) If you achieve the qualification, you can apply to join the National Register of Public Service Interpreters and the Metropolitan Police Interpreters List.

Are there any other costs and what do I need to bring?

No other costs. You will need to bring writing materials and a large folder to file all your handouts in.

What support is available?

Ask at reception if you have any additional needs or requests.