Italian Beginners Stage 3

Course information sheet

Fees: Standard £ 70 Conc £25 Full £260 * Enrol online for standard fee payers only

Day Time Weeks Centre Start End Code Enroll
Monday 10:00 - 12:00 11 MAC 27/04/2020 20/07/2020 LI3025
Tuesday 18:45 - 20:45 11 MAC 28/04/2020 14/07/2020 LI3035

What will the course cover?

Building on previously learned language, we concentrate on travelling around, getting somewhere to stay, eating out, your daily routine, your home life and lifestyle, your work. We recap all the grammar in stages 1 and 2, adding more complex elements, including a little about how to express the past and the future, more irregular verbs, modal verbs + infinitive, adverbs, pronouns. Reading will include signs, notices, short messages eg an e-mail.

Who is the course for?

For those who have done a couple of terms of Italian or the equivalent and also for those who wish to brush up their basic Italian. Please look at the Info Sheets for Italian Beginners Stages 1& 2 for details. You are welcome to try a class to see if the level is right for you - if the tutor agrees. Please ask at reception or ask the curriculum manager.

What skills, knowledge or experience do I need to start this course?

You need to understand and express greetings, introductions and personal information; cope with numbers & money; go shopping; order drinks and snacks; find your way around. You should have basic notions of grammar (s and pl, gender, adjectives (incl. my, your etc), some common verbs both regular and irregular, negatives, question forms.

What should I be able to do by the end of the course?

"• buy things in a delicatessen • talk about one’s shopping habits • compare different eating habits • describe a shop • get a recipe • shop for clothes and shoes • say which items you buy and like • talk about the weather • use a timetable • ask about opening and closing hours"

How is the course organised?

This course needs your active participation - you have to be prepared to have a go! You'll be encouraged to speak as much as possible in class, to work in small groups and pairs, to work each lesson on all 4 skills: listening and understanding, speaking, reading and writing. We use the course book, tapes, hand-outs, worksheets, realia, material from the internet.. We aim above all to give you confidence, to have fun - but to work hard as well!

What extra study or practice is expected outside of the class?

You'll always have work to review and practise from the previous lesson; you'll have sentences and words to learn by heart; you'll have homework set by the tutor. We recommend that you spend around 15 minutes a day on some kind of language practice - listening to a tape, watching a video, repeating working with a CD ROM, etc etc.

How will my progress be assessed?

You'll be encouraged to assess your own progress, with help from your tutor, who will monitor and record your achievements by question and answer, some written work, quizzes, questionnaires, speaking activities, games. You will need to organise and keep a portfolio of all your work for assessment purposes and your Record of Progress to check how you’re doing.

What can I expect to go on to after this course?

Italian Lower-Intermediate Stage1 "

Are there any other costs and what do I need to bring?

" The course book will be given to you by the tutor, so no need to purchase it. You will need to bring a notepad, pen, perhaps a dictionary.

What support is available?

Help with literacy or numeracy is available through the basic education programme and the ESOL programme offers help for speakers of other languages. Additional support can be provided for students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. Details are available in the Guide or from teaching or Reception staff.