Learner Support Fund

Adult Education Support

Learner Support Funds

The learner support funds fall into two categories which are funded by the
Skills Funding Agency to assist learners who are not able to pay for essential equipment/materials, travel costs, childcare, registration fees and other necessary expenses. These categories are:

  • Discretionary Learner Support Fund (for courses up to and including Level 2).
  • The 24+ Adult Learning Loan Bursary (ALLB) (for learners who are in receipt of an Adult Learning Loan for the full fees of the course from the Student Loans Company). 
These funds are only available to learners studying towards an approved qualification and who are on a low household income of under £20,000. 
Parental income will not be taken into consideration but the income of any spouse or partner will. 
Proof of low income must be attached to your application. Please discuss this with your tutor at interview.
  • Applications are considered on a yearly basis from August to July. There is no automatic entitlement
to access these schemes and it is operated on a first come, first served basis. This means that if there are a lot of applications the fund may run out during the year.
  • Students must submit a separate application for each course. 
(This information is subject to change.)

    What costs can be claimed? 
    • Course fees (up to 20%, but only in exceptional circumstances). 

    • Course books. 

    • Travel costs.
• Childcare. 

    • Essential equipment or materials required for the course. 

    • Registration fees (for professional bodies). 

How to apply?

• Before you can apply for the Learner Support Funds, you must attend an interview and enrol on your course.     Please speak to your tutor or ask at reception for further information and an application form.