Learners with Special Educational Needs


Learners with Special Educational Needs

Learners with Special Educational Needs

This program consists of a wide selection of courses to cater for the diverse needs of learners with learning difficulties and disabilities in the borough.  Our provision aims to support learners into work, supported employment and/or to have an active life in the community.

There are four levels of courses to suit learners with different ability levels

  • Preparation for work
  • Personal Development
  • All Welcome
  • Inclusive/Advanced

Preparation for work

These courses consist of the Admin, Gardening and Cafe projects and are ideal for people who have a realistic expectation of moving into paid work and would like to gain some experience of employment.  It is strongly suggested that learners have gained experience through Personal Development or similar courses before enrolling.  Learners will hopefully progress into work, further work based programmes or advanced courses.

Personal Development

These courses are ideal for peole who are able to commit to a long term learning programme and happy to work independently.  Learners will complete their own accreditation portfolios and work towards a number of personal and class goals.

All Welcome

The All Welcome level courses are an ideal starting point for learners who are new to college, have severe learning difficulties or disabilities, struggle with long periods of commitment or have taken a long break from education.  The courses require an interview, run for 10 weeks and give learners the chance to experience and integrate themselves into adult education.  All Welcome courses focus on developing personal and social skills to enhance learning and life.

For details of courses please see course/Learning and Other Disabilities.

All Special Educational Needs courses require an interview before enrolling.

If you would like to arrange an interview, or have any further questions, please email Sean buckley at Sean.Buckley@lbhf.gov.uk or call on 020 8753 6343.