Adult Learning and Skills - Policies

Key Policies

Some of our key policies are summarised below. Further details are included in the student handbook and copies of the full policy documents are available from reception at Macbeth Centre.

Recruitment Policy

It is our policy to help students enrol on the course that is right for them. Any entry requirements will be clearly set out in the course information sheet. We will also make it clear where courses are designed to meet the needs of specific groups.

Disability Statement

We produce a disability statement each year setting out how we will support disabled people across our service. Please see the student handbook for more information.

Equal Opportunities

The adult education service will ensure that no-one is discriminated against because of their ethnic or national origin, race or colour, gender, age, class, sexual orientation, or because of their religious or political beliefs, disability or income. If you feel you have been discriminated against please talk to your lecturer or ask at reception to speak to a manager.


We are committed to safeguarding young people, and vulnerable adults, and also to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all learners. We work with the local safeguarding boards and recruit and train staff in line with current legislation.

If you have any concerns about the treatment of young people, or of vulnerable adults please contact Eamon Scanlon at


From 1 July 2015, Parliament places a statutory requirement on the Council to “have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.”

‘Prevent’ focuses on supporting and protecting people who might be susceptible to radicalisation. Our Adult Learning & Skills Service uses established safeguarding processes to ensure awareness of ‘Prevent’ for both staff and learners and so help divert potentially vulnerable people from becoming involved in extreme or radical groups.



  • Your opions count
  • Don't forget to vote

The rule of law

  • No one is above the law
  • Laws protect everyone
  • Innocent until provven guilty

Individual liberty

  • Freedom of speech

Respect and tolerance for:

  • All backgrounds and cultures
  • All ages
  • All genders and sexualities
  • All religious beliefs