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Spanish: The Basics For Beginners

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Agewell Singers

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Breathe Better Circuit

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Languages Beginners

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Languages Beginners

Languages Beginners

Languages Beginners

Languages Beginners

Languages Beginners

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Better Club Games 2015

Art, Meditation And Mindfulness

Lip Reading


Guitar For Beginners And Improvers

Piano For Beginners And Improvers

Greek Cuisine (Greek Culture Workshops)


Food Safety In Health & Social Care (Level 2 Award)


Macbeth Centre (MAC)

Korean Lower Intermediate Stage 2

Summer Courses 2016

Intensive summer courses for 2016

Dance Mix

Pilates Beginners/improvers


Cardiac Rehab Phase IV

Languages Beginners

Languages Lower Intermediate

Languages Beginners

Languages Intermediate

Languages Advanced

Languages Intermediate

Languages Lower Intermediate

Languages Intermediate

Languages Beginners

Agewell Dancing

English & ESOL

Greek Dancing (Greek Culture Workshops)


Chinese (Mandarin) Beginners Stage 2

Greek Beginners Stage 2


Italian Mastery Stage 3

Italian Upper Intermediate Stage 3

Japanese Beginners Stage 3

Japanese Intermediate Stage 3

Polish Beginners Stage 3

Polish Intermediate Stage 3

Spanish Advanced Stage 3

Spanish Beginners Stage 2

Spanish Mastery Stage 3

Spanish Upper Intermediate Stage 3

Uxbridge Rd Centre (UXB)

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Watercolour Painting

Languages Lower Intermediate

Languages Lower Intermediate

Health & Safety

Languages Beginners


Agewell Exercise

Korean Beginners Stage 2

Zumba Gold

Exercise After Stroke


Try something different in 2017

Certificate In Counselling Skills (Level 2)

A Greek Travel Guide (Greek Culture Workshops)


Talk Arabic: An Introduction To Modern Standard Arabic

Brazilian Portuguese Intermediate Stage 3

Chinese (Mandarin) Lower Intermediate Stage 3

French Advanced Conversation Stage 3

French Lower Intermediate Stage 3

French Upper Intermediate Stage 3

German Beginners Stage 3

German Intermediate Stage 3

German Lower Intermediate Stage 3

Italian Advanced Conversation Stage 3 Fast Track

Italian Intermediate Stage 3

Italian Lower Intermediate Stage 3

Spanish Beginners Stage 3

Drawing, Painting And Life Studies

Culture Workshops

Languages Upper Intermediate

Languages Intermediate

Languages Lower Intermediate

Exercise For The Prevention And Rehabilitation Of Osteoporosis

Korean Beginners Stage 3

Polish Beginners Stage 1

Learning & Other Disabilities

My Russian Class - Blog

Jewellery: Inclusive Class

An Introduction To Greek Mythology (Greek Culture Workshops)

Italian Beginners Stage 3

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Spanish Lower Intermediate Stage 3

Languages Lower Intermediate

Languages Proficiency / Mastery

Agewell Other Activities

Pilates Beginners / Improvers

Drawing And Painting - Mixed Ability

Italian Conversation Beginners

Italian Proficiency Conversation Stage 3 Fast Track

Festival of Learning

Learn at work week

Languages Proficiency / Mastery

Languages Upper Intermediate

Portraiture - Mixed Ability

French Advanced Stage 3

French Beginners Stage 3

Taster Sessions

Taster Sessions 2019

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Languages Upper Intermediate

Agewell Pilates

Is Counselling Training For Me?

French Beginners Stage 3 Saturday Intensive

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Wash-House Stories

Pop Up Rehearsed Play-Reading of WASH-HOUSE STORIES


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Italian Proficiency Stage 3

Agewell Rehabilitation

Macbeth Cafe Best Place to Eat 2018

Macbeth Cafe Best Place to Eat 2018

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Games People Play- An Introduction To Transactional Analysis

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HF ArtsFest 2019

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Balance, Strength And Stability

Agewell Yoga

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