Languages Beginners

Languages Advanced

Bookbinding: An Introduction

Languages Beginners

Adult Community Learning Centre (ACLC)

Languages Beginners

Languages Beginners

Languages Advanced

Community Interpreting Level 3

Data Analysis

Teacher Training

Welding And Light Metalwork

(DPI) Diploma In Police Interpreting Preparation Course

English Pronunciation

Car Maintenance

DPSI (Arabic)

Brazilian Portuguese Lower Intermediate Stage 1

English Pronunciation (intensive Course)

Circuit Training Monitored Level 2

Concession Entitlement Explained

Diploma In Translation Online Preparation Course (IoLET)

Dance With Me-Ceili

French Lower Intermediate Stage 1

French Upper Intermediate Stage 1

Arabic Beginners Stage 1

Gentle Circuit

Computing Training Courses

English Writing (for Foreign Students)



IELTS Exam Preparation Class

German Intermediate Stage 1

Brazilian Portuguese Beginners Stage 1

Chinese (Mandarin) Beginners Stage 1

Japanese Lower Intermediate Stage 1

And Pattern Cutting - Beginners

Polish Lower Intermediate Stage 1

Balance Strength And Stability

Life Drawing - Beginners/intermediate


German Beginners Stage 1

Italian Advanced Conversation Stage 1 Fast Track

Illustrating Children's Books


Awareness Through Movement

All Levels

I-pads Next Steps

Italian Lower Intermediate Stage 1


Gentle Pilates



Japanese Beginners Stage 1

Tai Chi-Lam Style Beginners

Picture Framing And Mount Cutting

Mixed Ability


Writing A CV

All Levels


Polish Beginners Stage 1

Furniture Craft - All Levels

Russian Beginners Stage 1

Korean Traditional Patchwork (Bojagi: Jogakbo)


Book-keeping Level 1

Spanish Beginners Saturday Fast Track

Bicycle Maintenance

Project Management

Preparing To Work In Adult Social Care (level 1 Award)

Spanish Intermediate Stage 1

Family ESOL @ OOCC

Caring For Children (CACHE Level 1)

Russian Intermediate Stage 1

Spanish Lower Intermediate Stage 1

E3/L1 Support English

Employability Skills Level 1 Certificate HSC


Online Basics1 @Fulham JCP

Beyond The Basics

Spanish Upper Intermediate Stage 1

Bicycle Maintenance Part 1

Award In Education & Training

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BSL Level 1 Preparation Course

Interview dates


Welding Intensive

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Site map

Photoshop: An Introduction


Lets Get Digital



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Better Club Games 2015

Languages Beginners

Family Health @ Charecroft

Mental Health Awareness (L1 Award)


Cambridge First: Preparation Course For The Cambridge First Certificate Exam

Engaging Key Arguments In Political Philosophy




Business Boot Camp

Amici Dance Group


Mixed Ability



Family Fitness Fun

Adult Care

Lip Reading


Guitar For Beginners And Improvers

Piano For Beginners And Improvers

Learn To Read Music



First Aid For Childcare Practitioners

Community Interpreting

Languages Beginners

Languages Beginners

Affirmations To Heal Your Life

Languages Beginners

Languages Advanced

Languages Beginners

Creative Writing: Finding A Voice

Macbeth Centre (MAC)

Languages Beginners

Community Interpreting: Summer Intensive Course

Brazilian Portuguese Lower Intermediate Stage 2

English Pronunciation Workshop For Arabic Speakers

General Circuit Training For Seniors

Interpreting In Health

Zumba Gold

French Lower Intermediate Stage 2

French Upper Intermediate Stage 2

Arabic Beginners Stage 2

IELTS Exam Preparation Course

German Intermediate Stage 2

Brazilian Portuguese Beginners Stage 2

Italian Intermediate Stage 1

Chinese (Mandarin) Beginners Stage 2

French Advanced Stage 1

Japanese Lower Intermediate Stage 2

How To Use A Sewing Machine

Polish Lower Intermediate Stage 2

Russian Beginners Stage 2

Summer Courses 2016

Intensive summer courses for 2016

Illustration Skills And Techniques

Be Good To Your Back!

Balance, Strength And Stability

German Beginners Stage 2

Christmas Wreath

Italian Advanced Conversation Stage 2 Fast Track

Educational Visits Coordinator Half Day

Italian Beginners Stage 1

IPads For Beginners

Italian Lower Intermediate Stage 2

Deep Water Aquacise

Italian Mastery Stage 1

All Levels

Pilates Beginners / Intermediate


Japanese Beginners Stage 2

Tai Chi-Lam Style Intermediate

Languages Intermediate

Polish Beginners Stage 2

Spanish Advanced Stage 1

Play And Learn


Book-keeping Level 2


British Sign Language

Spanish Intermediate Stage 1

Spanish Lower Intermediate Stage 2

Guitar For Beginners And Improvers

Spanish Mastery Stage 1

Computing For Older Learners 1.1

Spanish Upper Intermediate Stage 2

Bicycle Maintenance Part 2

Supporting Teaching & Learning (level 2 Certificate)

Driving Theory

Putting Up A Wall Display (Unit)

A Taster In Critical Thinking



Bread Baking And Finishing Saturday


Languages Lower Intermediate

Clothes Making


Level 2 Developing The Actor


Korean Beginners Stage 2

Graphic Design

Learn To Read Music 2


Working In The Health Sector (level 2 Certificate)

First Aid

Creative Writing

First Aid For Childcare Practitioners

Counselling For Beginners

Languages Beginners

ESOL E3 Reading ESOL E3 Reading With Writing

Languages Intermediate

English Writing

Brazilian Portuguese Lower Intermediate Stage 3

English Pronunciation Workshop For Chinese Speakers

French Lower Intermediate Stage 3

French Upper Intermediate Stage 3

Arabic Beginners Stage 3

Gentle Keep Fit/Falls Prevention

German Intermediate Stage 3

Brazilian Portuguese Beginners Stage 3

Italian Intermediate Stage 2

Chinese (Mandarin) Beginners Stage 3

French Advanced Stage 2

Level 2 Award In Food Safety In Health & Social Care

Japanese Lower Intermediate Stage 3

And Pattern Cutting - Mixed Ability

French Beginners Stage 1

Polish Lower Intermediate Stage 3

Russian Beginners Stage 3

Barre Fitness Workout

German Beginners Stage 3

L2 Award In COSHH

Italian Beginners Stage 2

Watercolour Painting

Italian Lower Intermediate Stage 3

Deep Water Aquacise Beginners

Italian Mastery Stage 2

Pilates Beginners/improvers



Japanese Beginners Stage 3


Polish Beginners Stage 3

Spanish Advanced Stage 1

Level 1 Improvers

Spanish Beginners Stage 1


English Writing

Spanish Intermediate Stage 2


Early Years Educator (level 3 Diploma)

Spanish Lower Intermediate Stage 3

Computing For Older Learners 1.2

Spanish Upper Intermediate Stage 3

City & Guilds Bicycle Maintenance Award/Certificate

Supporting Teaching & Learning (level 3 Specialist Diploma)

5 Session Courses

Welding & Light Metalwork

Try something different in 2017

English & ESOL

Circuit Training General For Seniors

Dance With Me

Tai Chi-Lam Style Improvers

Pottery : Beginners

Safeguarding And Prevent Strategy (C&G Level 2 Award)

A Toolkit For Truth Telling


Ballroom Dancing



Languages Lower Intermediate

Languages Lower Intermediate

Setup Your Own Website (Wordpress)

Computerised Accounts


Web Design

C&G Level 2 Certificate In Sugar Craft

Local History

Diploma In Police Interpreting

Languages Lower Intermediate

Creative Writing: Writing Autobiography, Life Stories And Creative Non-Fiction

London History: 20th Century London

Languages Lower Intermediate

Brazilian Portuguese Language And Culture: An Introduction


English Pronunciation Workshop For French Speakers

Italian Intermediate Stage 3

French Advanced Stage 3

Mixed Ability

French Beginners Stage 2

Beginners Saturday Course

Be Good To Your Joints Level 1

Be Good To Your Back

Introduction To Floristry And Flower Arranging

Italian Advanced Stage 1

Italian Beginners Stage 3

Senior Total Body Workout



Beginners One-day Course


Mixed Ability

Spanish Advanced Stage 2

Spanish Beginners Stage 2

Spanish Mastery Stage 3

Computing For Older Learners 1.3

My Russian Class - Blog

Ipads For Beginners

Art, Craft And Design


Pottery : Beginners

Understanding Autism In Children

TAQA: Unit 1 (Principles And Practices)

Business Development

Reading Music

Languages Lower Intermediate

Drawing, Painting And Life Studies

Languages Intermediate

Social Media For Business

Sugar Craft

Diploma In Public Service Interpreting

Health & Safety

The Counselling Relationship In Depth

Languages Proficiency / Mastery


London History: From Roman To Medieval Times

Languages Proficiency / Mastery

English Pronunciation Workshop For Italian Speakers

Italian Beginners Stage 1 Saturday Intensive

Pattern Cutting And Sewing - Simple Skirt Or Trousers

French Beginners Stage 3

Beginners - Plumbing And Tiling

Spanish Intermediate Stage 3

Be Good To Your Joints Level 2

Drawing Beginners

Be Good To Your Joints

Modern And Traditional Summer Arrangements

Level 2 Award Health And Safety In The Workplace

Italian Advanced Stage 2

DPSI (Spanish Day)

Short Tennis

Italian Proficiency Conversation Stage 1


Mixed Ability

Furniture - Mixed Ability

Spanish Beginners Stage 2

Spanish Proficiency Conversation Stage 1


Family Health

Be Good To Your Back Beginners

Pilates Beginners / Improvers

Ipads Next Steps

Pilates: Beginners / Improvers

First Certificate

Business Studies

Pottery : Mixed Ability

Understanding Dyslexia (Level 1 Award)

First Aid

Languages Upper Intermediate


Computerised Accounts Sage Level 1

Diploma In Translation

Essential Counselling Themes And Approaches

Five Counselling Approaches

Spanish Intermediate Stage 3

London History: From Tudor To Victorian Times

Languages Upper Intermediate

Festival of Learning

Learn at work week

English Pronunciation Workshop For Polish Speakers

Tailored Interpreter Training: One Day In The Tribunal

Pattern Cutting And Sewing - Simple Tops

Breathe Better Circuit

Circuit Training

Level 2 Award In Principles Of Manual Handling

Italian Advanced Stage 3

Making Beaded Jewellery With Wire And Thread

Yoga (pay-as-you-go)

Italian Proficiency Conversation Stage 2

Mixed Ability 3 Hour Class

Taster Wood Workshop Saturday

Languages Intermediate

Spanish Proficiency Conversation Stage 2

Learning & Other Disabilities

Everyday IT (Functional Skills Entry Level)

Self Study Support Sessions

Crochet Beginners

Practical Classic Car Care

Be Good To Your Joints (level 1)

Pilates Beginners/Intermediate

Childcare And Care


Beginners - Decorating

Advanced One-day Course

Computerised Accounts Sage Level 2

Interpreting Specialist Courses

Games People Play- An Introduction To Transactional Analysis

Writing A Children's Book And Getting It Published

Gallery Page

English Pronunciation Workshop For Spanish Speakers

Cardiac Rehab Phase IV

Inclusive Class

Skills In Childcare (Level 2)


Complete Body Workout

Spring Bouquets, Wedding And Table Arrangements

Ancient India & China

Italian Proficiency Conversation Stage 3

Saturday Access Day

Woodwork And Restoration Saturdays

DPSI Health Preparation Course

Spanish Proficiency Conversation Stage 3

Self Study Support Sessions

Be Good To Your Joints (level 2)

Deep Water Aquacise Advanced

DPSI Law Intensive (mixed Languages)

Computer Studies

Understanding Special Educational Needs (Unit)

GCSE Spanish Preparation Course

Interior Design

Beginners - Electrics, Putting Up Shelves And Applying Decorative Features To Walls

Intermediate One-day Course

Introduction To CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

French Beginners Stage 1 Saturday Intensive

Wash-House Stories

Pop Up Rehearsed Play-Reading of WASH-HOUSE STORIES

Exercise After Stroke

Core Strength

Celts And Vikings

One-day Training At The Magistrates' Court (DPSI Law Add-ons)

Italian Proficiency Stage 1

Risk Assessment

English Pronunciation (daytime)

Spanish Proficiency Stage 1

Challenging Behaviour

Excel Made Easy

Spanish Beginners Stage 3

Dance Fitness

Family Learning

Understanding Substance Misuse

One Day Saturday Upholstery Workshop


Basket Arrangement

Spanish Advanced Stage 3

How to enrol

One Day Saturday Upholstery Workshop

Dance Fitness

Creative Writing: Starting To Write Fiction

Etruscans & Romans

Training Day For Interpreters And Future Legal Professionals In The Royal Courts Of Justice

Italian Proficiency Stage 2

English Pronunciation (evening)

Italian Advanced Conversation Stage 3 Fast Track

Food Safety Awareness Level 2

Spanish Proficiency Stage 2

Disability Equality Training

Gentle Circuits

Exercise After Stroke

Food Studies

Knitting And Crochet

Front Facing Arrangement

English HW Club At Fulham Library


Introduction To Public Service Interpreting

Homework Clubs

Drawing And Painting - Mixed Ability

Dance With Me- Ceili Workshop

C&G Level 1 Award In Sugar Craft (sugarpaste Techniques)

Italian Proficiency Stage 3

Spanish Beginners Saturday Intensive

Spanish Proficiency Stage 3

Mental Health Awareness

Inclusive Computers

Gentle Exercise

Exercise For The Prevention And Rehabilitation Of Osteoporosis.

HF Training & Development


DPSI Law (other Languages) Preparation Course

All You Need To Know When Working With Clients

Setting Up A Home Based Childcare Service (Level 3 Unit)

English HW Club@ SBL

The Psychology Of Happiness

C&G Level 1 Award In Sugar Craft (royal Icing Techniques)

Creative Writing: For Beginners

Professional Portfolio & CV For Interpreters

Italian Mastery Stage 3

Silver Clay Course - Beginners

Portraiture - Mixed Ability

Digital Cameras

Teacher Training

Gentle Pilates



School Holiday Activities


Presentation Bouquet

Taster Sessions

Maths HW Club @ SBL

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Interview Dates

Tailored Interpreter Training: One Day In The Crown Court

Chain Making


Quick Blogs And Websites Using Wordpress

Oil Painting - Mixed Ability

Exercise For The Prevention And Rehabilitation Of Osteoporosis


Entry To Care (Entry 3)

Emergency First Aid @ Portman Centre


Managing Mental Health


Picture Framing

The Chimp Paradox

Fees & refunds

Reading & Writing Short Stories

Spanish Mastery

Fused Glass Jewellery

Motor Vehicle Maintenance

Web Design: HTML5 & CSS2.1

Watercolour - Mixed Ability

Explore The Joy Of Movement

First Aid At Work

Understand The Context Of Supporting Individuals With Learning Disabilities

Languages Arabic

Inclusive Cookery


Paediatric First Aid

Neuro Linguistic Programming- Positive Communication

Download prospectus & forms

Introduction To Computers

Writing & Food

Wax Carving For Jewellery

Web Design: JavaScript

Free Your Neck And Shoulders

City & Guilds Motor Vehicle Maintenance 3902 Entry 3 Certificate (14/16)

Languages Brazilian Portuguese

Soft Furnishing

Paediatric First Aid

What's happening?

Writing For Publication

Indian Miniature Painting

C&G Level 1 Award In Sugar Craft (sugar Floral Display)

Languages Chinese Mandarin

Stained Glass

Silver Clay Beads

Everyday IT (Functional Skills Level 1)

Web Design: Angular JS

Learner voice

Writing Workshop

City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate In 2D Drawing And Painting (QCF)

IPad 3 (improvers)

First Aid Revalidation

Languages French

Agewell Summer


Silver Clay Rings

Excel Next Steps: Analysing Your Data

Creative Writing: Finding A Voice

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Is Counselling For Me?

(Korean Culture) Learn How To Do Patchwork (Jogakbo)

Hispano América; Un Nuevo Y Maravilloso Mundo

Languages German


Drawing For Design

Excel Next Steps: Managing Your Data

Web Design: PHP & MySQL

Text alerts +

(Korean Culture) Learn How To Play The Zither (Gayageum)

Web Design: Bootstrap

Sociedad Y Cultura Española A Través Del Cine

Languages Italian


Paddle Boarding

Korean Traditional Patchwork


Languages Japanese

Learner support fund

Pilates (beginners)

Languages Korean

Student support

Pilates (improvers / Intermediate)

Languages Polish

Room hire

Good Grief: Exploring Endings, Loss And Beravement

Languages Russian


Site map

Languages Spanish

Agewell Circuit Training


Learning & Development

Agewell Dancing



Metal Work

Agewell Gentle Keep Fit

Summer Harmonies Singing Workshops

Terms & conditions

Motor Vehicle

Tai Chi Lam Style Improvers

Chinese Cookery

Agewell Rehabilitation

Tai Qi

Job vacancies

Older Learners And Agewell

Tai Chi Lam Style Intermediate

Tutor & student profiles

Agewell Exercise

Tennis (Normand Park)

Tai Chi Improvers

Performing Arts

Qi Gong

Information and Advice Service

English As A Foreign Language (EFL)

Agewell Other Activities

Tai Chi Improvers/intermediate

Latin American Cookery


Agewell Pay As You Go

Qi Gong


Agewell Pilates

Skills For Life

Opening hours & Term dates

Our venues

Saturday Thai Dishes Course

Agewell Rambles



Business Training & Development

Agewell Tai Chi



Community Development