We want all our students to be on the righ course and to enjoy their learning.  Please check the course information carefully and consult the appropriate staff if you need further guidance.  We cannot be held responsible for changes in personal circumstances, which might prevent attendance.


Each student is allowed one voluntary transfer per academic year provided there is space available in the new class.  The transfer must be made within one week of the course start date.  Transfers not requested within this time must be authorised by a senior member of staff and an administration fee of £10.00 per request will be charged.


A full or partial refund of course fee will be made in the following circumstances: Where we cancel, merge, re-schedule or prematurely close a course and the student cannot get to the alternative. Where you cannot attend your class for a medical reason supported by a medical certificate/doctor's letter.  An administrative charge will be made against this refund.  Alternatively you may request that we hold a credit for the full fee to use against another course.

We do not provide refunds where individual sessions have to be cancelled, but will make every effort to offer an alternative session.  If you think you qualify for a transfer or refund, ask at reception.