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Counselling 5

Understand the 5 most common approaches used in counselling

Psychodynamic/Humanistic/CBT/ Transactional Analysis/Integrative

Course Code - HC2060

Introduction to Interior Design

Gain practical skills for the Interior design process.

Redesigning a room to a design brief room surveys, plans, elevations and colour theory 

Course Code: AD2800

Spanish Fast Track

Get on the fast track to brush up on your Spanish

Practical language to enable communication on a visit to Spain or Latin America

Course Code - LS2028

Diploma in Police Interpreting Preparation Course

Explore a new career

Qualify as a Professional Interpreter and be included in the National Register of Public Service Interpreters

Course Code: LY2050

City & Guilds Wheels and Tyres

Considering a practical career?

Understand the motor vehicle care and repair industry. 

Course Code - MV2402

London History: From Tudor To Victorian Times

Explore the growth and development of London

From the reformation following the Renaissance to Dickensian London

Course Code: HH2100

Illustrating Childrens Books

Learn everything from creating picture book characters to putting together samples suitable for presentation

Taught by published childrens author Trisha Krauss

Course Code: AB2241

 French Fast Track

Get on the fast track to brush up on your French

Prior knowledge of French is required

Course Code - LF2028

Web Design 1: HTML 5 & CSS 2.1

Enter the digital world of Web Design

Create web pages using the language of the web, HTML5 & CSS 2.1

Course Code: JS2600

DIY Beginners

Skills to tackle many of the day to day problems that occur in any home

Beginners courses in plumbling, tiling, electrics and decorating